Posting Again

After a pretty long hiatus, I’m starting to post again.

Here’s what I’ve been working on recently:
Http:// – I’ve migrated this site from being SQLITE based to MYSQL. This migration took about two weeks of my free time.

Find That Price was using SQLITE as a stopgap measure to make sure price data was being updated daily for each UPC. Something that may be worth noting is that this website uses a unique mix of normalized and flattened data which is tailored to its needs. This is what mostly halted that process.

This was also a pretty necessary step. I intend to shift hosting over to Amazon Web Services in the near future ( the cost is marginal compared to my current host, and the freedom paired with the up-time makes it a solid investment. )

Additionally I’ve taken a PHP library which dynamically generates a graph from the UPC price data and replaced it with D3. D3, Data Driven Documents, is a Javascript library used for dynamically building visual aides around data sets. ┬áVery friendly to those who are already familiar with Jquery.

While I’m passing some of the hard work off to the client, there’s an end-game here where I’m ultimately trying to enhance the interactivity of this chart, allowing zoom on days and details. Among other things.

Additionally I’ve started logging all processes of the site pretty extensively. I also rewrote the majority of the site and engine and made the whole thing a little more MVC friendly. Also compressed the code in more than half and simplified it pretty significantly.

Late updates have mostly been in response to my new Web Developer position. I’ve been trying to run some side businesses and haven’t dropped any of my side projects, but a lot of them have been taking some extended breaks. Including this, Find That Price, and a ton of other web apps I’m still publishing.

I’m finding the energy and time to get back into producing content and as long as I am developing 24/7 I might as well tap into it to produce something valuable.

Look forward to some video tutorials and text write-ups of some of the more complicated things I’ve come up against (Getting Oauth2 right immediately springs to mind), as well as some reviews of a ton of services I’ve been using.

Looking to hire some developers off Odesk, and want to document how that experience turns out, I have a bit bucket going for all my private Git repo’s (but wouldn’t mind writing up a comparison to setting up your own Git server, something I also plan to do on my AWS server.) Github isn’t entering the equation for some of my more serious projects, because of the requirements to pay for a private repo.

Developing multiple web apps at once, inside and outside of work. Have affiliate and marketing setups with major retailers, and I’m making an Automotive POST REST API.

Looking to publish the Find That Price barcode scanner in the Android App store. One of the next things I’ll be focusing on.

Basically lots of stuff to look forward to. Keep me on the radar!