Post-It Notes

Here’s a Post-It Note app I wrote a few months back.  Uses Javascript PHP and MYSQL.  Saves position of notes, note and post-it notes are drag-able/delete-able.

Created an online text editor with both syntax highlighting with common themes.  I’ll post it tomorrow.

Write ups on both to come.

DB of Pokemon Cards

My API is coming along!  Check out my progress.  Pokemon Card DB and API demo:

Used a couple public Pokemon card SQLs to lay the foundation.  Used the Python Scraper Scrapy to collect the images.  Used some python to create some complicated MySQL logic to create a database from the images.  Wrote some custom PHP scripts to lace the databases together, and even some Powershell to lay the foundation of the images database using a file-list of cards as the foundation.

The whole thing uses Jquery/AJAX and a built from scratch API to seamlessly load the cards and images without having to reload the page.

Also because of a file size really too large to fit on my webhost without some pretty severe overages, I loaded all the images (A whopping 600MB+, that’s a WHOLE CD of pokemon card images) to AWS/S3.  It’s a pretty good solution considering I’m only paying 12 cents a month there for that amount of data.  Not bad.

Full disclosure, this isn’t just for fun.  I’m creating a back-end for a front end website for listing and selling Pokemon cards, that I may even open up to a community.  Most E-commerce software isn’t built for listing something as redundant with as many details as playing cards.  Building something custom would allow me, and whoever is interested, to list and sell playing cards extremely quickly.

So you’ll probably see a demo of the shop to come soon as well, and maybe a write-up of some of the things involved in this project

A Full Pokemon Card Search API

Hotkey Magic